Decorative Concrete

Chess_concrete_patio Stained_concrete_patioConcrete_driveway_fountian_Colorado

Decorative concrete is an alternative way to add value and curve appeal to your home. If you have a rock driveway and you’re tired of spraying and pulling weeds every year maybe it is time to think about concrete. Anything is possible with Mario Brothers Concrete. If you want Flat Square slabs or maybe you are thinking about getting creative with your concrete project.  Let’s sit down and talk about ways to step outside the box. Whether it is adding a curvy edge to your patio or gravel edging.  Another alternative is to add texture and color to your concrete and apply a  a cobble stone stamp. The possibilities are endless with the combination of color and texture to make your house stand out from the whole neighborhood. We have plenty of concrete stamps that resemble textures that are found in the Colorado Mountains.

Decorative concrete can be achieved by using molds into the concrete while the concrete is still in its plastic state.  Dry Shakes or Color Hardeners, Acid Stains, Powder or Liquid Releases are used to create color to the concrete.  With these products the design ideas very interesting for outside patios, court yard, walkway, driveway and more. 

Mario Brothers has a variety of stamp patterns to choose from. Just set up an appointment and let’s get started… 


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